about our team

We are a team of moms who are obsessed with their kids and want to remember every little detail about this wildly fast, wildly wonderful season of life. 

We are professional videographers who completely understand how daunting it can be to capture videos, organize them, edit them, and store them. 

we are moms who double as videographers

About our founder, 
alyssa Beseris

Every time my daughter asks me this, my heart skips a beat. I’ve always been sentimental, especially when it comes to memories of childhood. I don’t want to forget a thing. I have 3 little kids and they are the reason why documenting moments on film means so much to me. So much like you, I film everything ...

Her goofy dance on a random weeknight. The way her brother giggles when we say that thing. Or how we stroke their hair as they fall asleep.  And their little voices! I never want to forget that sound!

These moments used to be trapped as a bunch of random, disorganized videos on my phone, without a purpose. Disjointed and overwhelming, they didn’t cohesively tell the imperfectly perfect story of their childhood. 

A story that unfolds in little moments week by week, month by month, year by year.

That’s when I decided to put my experience as a professional video editor to extra special use. I started taking these videos and making little homemade documentaries of our life. Then I did it for my sister and her kids. Then some friends. And I realized that I want every mom who wants this to have it.

I created The Wonder Reels so I can put your memories in a time - capsule and you’ll be able to treasure them forever. 

Today my team of professional editors and I (fellow parents like you!) use our talents of spotting the sweet moments to expertly transform the snippets of your child's days into beautifully curated family films set to songs that steal your heart. Our intention is to create digital heirlooms that remind your children of how loved they are and encourage you to make more time for what
matters most.

“Mom, can I watch our family movies?” 


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