We will send you a link to your own private gallery of all the videos we've edited for you. You can download/share them from that link and you'll be able to access your videos through that link for 10 years!

How are videos delivered?

Let us know if there's any changes you want made in the 3 days following delivery and we'd be happy to make them!

What if I have changes?

Our services provide a full editing experience for your film. All you need to do is film and upload. We sift through everything you send us and select the very best footage, edit it to a beautiful song, color correct, add a lut/grain, and export it. We will also email it to up to 3 email addresses once it's finished! (Think siblings/friends/grandparents, we want to take as much work out of it for you so you don't even have to worry about making sure it makes it to the most important people in your life.)

What is all included?

The finished video will be 3-5 minutes long.

How long will the video I receive back? 

You don't need to record a certain amount daily, we recommend you upload about 60-75 clips for each film (depending on how long each clip is). We don't like to force anything and just pull our cameras out whenever our kids are doing something cute that makes us smile.

How much recording do I do each day? 

Does it have to be a certain quality? You can upload any footage you have, the higher quality of footage you upload, the higher quality your finished film will be. 

What kind of videos work best?

When signing up for our service, you can choose to keep all your footage private, or allow us to share your footage on our social media pages. We love building our mom community online and would love to share cute little snippets of your life if you are comfortable with it (we will always tag you!)

Should I have any privacy concerns? 

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I got to take candid videos of moments that are special to me and then she edited it all together for such a sweet and heartfelt video that I will cherish forever!"

Treasure Humphreys

"The final video was flawless, I cry every time I watch it. I will never stop referring people."

Brooke Ericksen

Each film includes a copyrighted song. And not just any of those corny, free songs. We spend hours selecting the perfect music for each month, making sure they evoke emotion and highlight the moments for your carefully filmed videos!

Why this price?

Since we are legally using music that we can purchase the copyright to, you will be able to select your own song out of a curated list. You also have the option to let us select a song for you (yes you guessed it, to make it even easier for you!)

Can we choose the music?

You will receive an email 5 days before your footage is due, reminding you to upload. Be sure to add us to your contact list so you don't miss them!

Will I get a reminder to upload my videos for the month?

No, The Wonder Reels is only focused on family films.

Can I use this for business marketing purposes?

If you really want some photos included in your film you can add them, but we highly recommend just choosing video files. 

Can I upload photos?

There is a 50gb limit (so plenty of space to upload all your footage), we recommend 50-75 video clips (depending on file sizes/length).

How many clips can I upload? 

No, we want it to be as easy as possible for you. All you need to do is upload your footage, we will go through everything and select the best clips for you! 

Do I have to select my favorite footage? 

We will save everything 3 days after delivery (to make sure you love your video and don't want any changes), after that we will keep your finished product but not all of your raw files. We will hold onto your finished films for 10 years! 

Will our videos be backed up in case we lose them? 

We recommend saving it to your desktop or external hard drive or to the cloud for long term storage, but you can watch/download/share it from your phone!

How easy is it to share the video, will I need a computer or can I download it from my phone?

YES! We will post short tips on our instagram (@thewonderreels) and more in-depth tips in our newsletter. 

Will you give tips about how to get the best footage? 


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